Transition your Home from Winter to Spring | Spring Refresh

There is something about Spring that brings a whole new, vibrant energy! After months of cold weather, we get so excited to bring a breath of fresh air into our homes. It's time to swap out those winter candles for a spring-friendly scent, like Grapefruit + Mint or Spa Day!
Take a look at a few of our favorite spaces that we know will help to inspire you as you begin transitioning your home from winter to spring with
Sweet Water Decor!
Spring Bathroom Refresh
We love how Sarah styled her master bathroom here! The beautiful, modern accents add a subtle touch of spring to her bathroom vanity. Incorporating greenery and natural elements of wood brings warmth into the space!
         Calm + Comfort Soy CandleGold Candle Care Kit Hand Towels     
Living Room Spring Refresh
Ashley's space is definitely ready for spring! We love how she styled a Turkish throw blanket alongside an SWD candle, matches, and candle care kit. These functional, yet stylish pieces help to refresh an already stunning space!
        Lemon Lavender Spring Soy Candle   
Safety Matches Sweet Water Decor Turkish Blankets  
Kitchen Sink Spring Transition
We are obsessed with Christina's new look in her kitchen! We love how she went the sustainable route by incorporating dispensers for her hand soap and dish soap. By pairing with a ceramic tray, this set is ready to take on all of your dishwashing. Switching out your old hand towel for a light and airy Turkish towel adds a perfect, neutral touch to make your space feel brighter!
    Dish Soap Dispenser  Ceramic Tray   Hand Towels
Kitchen Island Spring Transition Refresh
We love how Nicole styled her beautiful kitchen island with a spring candle and candle care kit! One of the easiest ways to bring life into a room is by adding fresh greenery or flowers. From fresh eucalyptus to tulips, this is such an easy way to refresh your space. Styling these elements on a tray ties all of the spring elements together to curate a spring-ready kitchen!
    Grapefruit + Mint Soy Candle    Salt + Sea Reed Diffuser   Candle Care Kits
Don't forget to tag us @sweetwaterdecor on Instagram, we love to see how you style your Sweet Water Decor for spring throughout each space in your home!

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