Sustainable Living | Eco-Friendly Tips for Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022 is the perfect time to stop and think 'how can I be more sustainable'? There are many small, eco-friendly changes we can make that create a big impact for our generation and beyond! Here are our top five tips to create a more sustainable home, with your favorite Sweet Water Decor products!    
Amber Reusable Dispensers
1. Use re-usable mugs and glassware - Reusable mugs is an easy swap to live each day sustainably! Our coffee mugs and tumblers are the perfect option for your first cup of coffee in the morning or your evening cup of tea. With over 50+ styles to choose from, you will be sure to find your favorite new mug for any season - from holiday styles to Mother's Day! Our tumblers also make a great option to wind down your day, use as a travel mug, or keep your drink cool during a hot summer day!
  Stoneware Coffee Mug
Stoneware Coffee Mugs             Tile Coffee Mugs
           Stoneware Mugs            Gold Tile Mugs                 
2. Reuse your candle jars - Don't throw away your old candles; give your candle jars a second life! Reuse your candle jars for a decorative jar to hold bathroom items like cotton balls or brushes, office supplies, or use as a trinket dish. You can even use them to plant your favorite plant and give life into your home for spring! There are so many uses for a repurposed candle jar. If you are unsure how to repurpose your candle, you can view our "How to Repurpose your Candle Jar" video here.
Eco Friendly Candle Jar Repurpose
    Amber Jar Candles           Clear Jar Soy Wax Candles     
 White Jar Soy Wax Candles    Stoneware Jar Candles
3. Utilize refillable dispensers - Ditch the plastic bottles of soap, shampoo, and conditioner and switch to reusable dispenser bottles! Our stylish plastic and glass dispenser bottles make the perfect statement for any kitchen, bathroom, or shower. Not only will they add style to your space, you can save money by buying in bulk! Our reusable soap dispensers come in clear or amber, with three different label styles to choose from. Also, eco friendly cleaning has never been so easy with reusable spray bottles!
Reusable Plastic Dispensers
Amber Glass Dispensers      Amber Plastic White Text Label Dispensers 
    Amber Glass         Amber Plastic
 Clear Glass Dispensers       Clear Plastic Dispensers White Script Label   
     Clear Glass        Clear Plastic      
Reusable Spray Bottles     Reusable Spray Bottle
4. Ditch the plastic lighters - Here is another eco-friendly option where environmental sustainability meets style! Use our biodegradable safety matches in place of your plastic lighter. With multiple styles and colors to choose from, you'll be sure to find a bottle that fits your style and home!
Safety Matches
Amber Apothecary White Matches         Clear Apothecary Jar Black Matches   
   Rainbow Clear Safety Matches       Hearth Safety Matches White 
    Clear Jar Matches      Hearth Matches     
5. Swap your paper towels for stylish hand towels - Another eco-friendly swap to make in your kitchen or bathroom is to ditch the paper towels! Instead, replace your paper towels with our Turkish cotton + bamboo blend hand towels that are both stylish and functional. They are perfect to be used as hand towels, kitchen towels, hair towels, and more. Throw them in the washer on cold and tumble dry with low heat to clean + reuse, it's that simple!
  Turkish Hand Towels - Kitchen Sink View
Savannah Turkish Towel   Tan Ruffle Stripe Hand Towel 
 Haley Turkish Hand Towel
Are there any other eco-friendly hacks that you use within your home? Let us know below or tag us on Instagram @sweetwaterdecor!

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