Get to Know Imperfect Candles and Mugs

What are they?

While crafting the candles and mugs you love, we pay close attention to detail to focus on quality. This means we sometimes encounter small imperfections that aren't quite right. These imperfect candles come in all jar styles, from clear to amber to ribbed to stoneware. 

What do they look like?

Imperfections can vary depending on the style of the candle, ranging from a label mishap to wax bubbles or a small dent in the jar. Our stoneware mugs sometimes arrive from the manufacturer with spots of paint, pock marks, indented lettering, etc.

Why do we sell them?

The great news is that these "imperfect" candles still burn just right (and smell amazing!). Our imperfect mugs are still great to sip out of and enjoy! We also want to eliminate waste by selling these products (they are still too beautiful to throw away). 

How much do they cost?

Quality is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we sell these imperfect candles and mugs at a much lower price than usual. Depending on the style, candles range from $9 to $14 each. Our stoneware imperfect mugs cost $9 each.

How can you purchase them?

Imperfect mugs and candles can be purchased on our website under “Imperfect Candles & Mugs.” When you purchase imperfect candles, you can choose the jar style, but the scent is a mystery. They are great to add to your order if you’re looking for a new scent to try (at a great price!). Please note that imperfect candle and mug sales are final and not eligible for return. 

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