Sink Organization - How To Refresh Your Sink

With the new year upon us, now is the perfect time to refresh your kitchen and bathroom by incorporating new elements to make your space feel clean and refreshed! Giving your sink a refresh is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the right home decor accents! Follow this easy, 3-step guide to refresh your space in a functional way!
Kitchen Amber Glass Dispensers
Create a clean countertop space with refillable dispensers to hold your dish soap, hand soap, or lotion. Incorporating stylish, refillable soap dispensers will instantly add a new level of organization and functionality to your kitchen or bathroom sink! Plus, you can cut back on single use plastic bottles when you switch to this sustainable option! Our dispenser bottles come in a variety of jar and label styles to perfectly accent your home decor! Don't worry about the kids or pets - our dispensers are also available in plastic options to ensure safety!
Clear plastic soap dispensers        Clear dish soap dispenser        Amber plastic soap dispenser        Amber glass soap dispenser
Clear Plastic          Clear Glass       Amber Plastic      Amber Glass
Bathroom Sink Refresh
For the perfect accent to your dispensers, consider adding a decorative tray to your sink. Our Rustic Wood Tray, pictured above, instantly adds warmth to any space. For a more modern touch, incorporate our Ceramic Stoneware Tray. These functional trays are perfect for organizing your dispensers, soy wax candles, or any other items you would like to keep together in one place!
       Rustic Wood Tray Sweet Water Decor       Stoneware ceramic tray        Clear Jar Candles Sweet Water Decor   Reed Diffusers Sweet Water Decor
       Rustic Wood Tray      Ceramic Tray               Candles         Reed Diffusers     
Turkish Hand Towel
Last but not least, hand towels are a great way to bring texture + warmth into your space. The simple addition of a textile is the perfect finishing touch for your now refreshed kitchen or bathroom sink! Check out our variety of hand + tea towels to complement your home!
  Horizontal Stripe Hand Towel                  Grey Ruffle Tea Towel                 Jordan Turkish Hand Towel
And just like that, your sink is refreshed for the new year! Looking for more inspiration on how to refresh your space? Click here to check out our newest Instagram Reel with 3 ways to refresh your home!
3 ways to refresh your home for the new year - Instagram Reel
What other spaces would you like to see us refresh? Let us know by commenting below!

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