How to Transition Your Outdoor Space for Spring

With warm weather right around the corner, there is no better time to begin transitioning your outdoor living space than now! Whether you want to create an area for entertainment or some much-needed relaxation, the key to creating a functional patio is all in the details. Here are a few elements to focus on when transitioning your space for spring.


Furniture is one of the first aspects to consider when creating your dream patio. Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home, with interior elements that assist in creating a comforting environment. Consider how you want your space to function and select accent pieces that complement.

Modern farmhouse style covered outdoor patio with two accent chairs and a throw blanket

Check out how Kasey styled her covered patio using two accent lounge chairs. Incorporating functional pieces and stylish decor, like our Kate Turkish Blanket, helped Kasey create an inviting area ideal for entertaining and relaxing.

Kate Turkish Cotton throw blanket with a natural cream and black stripe design.

Patio accessories are another element that can instantly elevate your home. Functional decor pieces, like trays, can be layered with spring-inspired candles, drinkware, and more. If you want to revitalize your home this spring, remember that the seemingly minor details often make the most significant impact!

Outdoor living area with a decorative tray, soy wax candle, safety matches, and lemon water.
Salt and sea scented soy candle in a clear mason jar.        Black apothecary style safety matches in a glass jar     Cream speckled ceramic tray from Sweet Water Decor. Jewelry tray or decorative tray.

Your outdoor space should feel just as cozy as the one indoors. Create an oh-so-cozy lounge area by incorporating textiles like rugs, accent pillows, and throw blankets to bring you warmth on a chilly spring night. Made with 100% Turkish cotton, our customer-favorite throw blankets are ideal for indoor and outdoor styling.

Turkish throw blanket styled on a modern farmhouse style front porch with a decorative tray and ceramic coffee mug.
We love how Jamie utilized several different textiles, including one of our Turkish throw blankets, to create an effortlessly cozy front porch.  
Kate Turkish Cotton throw blanket with a natural cream and black stripe design.        Choose Joy Ceramic Campfire Style Coffee Mug from Sweet Water Decor  
Styling your patio for the spring doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Focus on selecting functional yet stylish pieces to help create an outdoor oasis you never want to leave.
We want to see how you refresh your outdoor space for the season! Be sure to tag @sweetwaterdecor in your photos for a chance to be featured on our page! 

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