How To: Curate a Holiday Space in the Home

The holidays are almost here, which means it is time to start transitioning your home from fall to holiday! Curating a holiday space is all about creating a cozy atmosphere that is both welcoming and warm. Our Holiday 2022 Collection is perfect to add those last minute details in your living room, dining space, or bedroom to create the perfect holiday touch. By adding layers, warm tones, and festive accents, we will curate an inviting holiday space throughout your home.
1. Add layers of texture
Create a cozy atmosphere by adding layers of texture, like our Turkish Throw Blanket. By adding other cozy accents like stockings or pillows, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests to cozy up by the fire. You can never have too many layers in the winter!
Holiday Collection
Cozy Holiday Home Ideas
        Kate Turkish Throw Blanket                Turkish Throw Blanket          
2. Add Warm Tones
This time of the year is all about warmth and coziness, so bring these feelings to life with warm tones throughout your home! Our candles add a warm touch to any space, with a variety of jar styles to match your holiday aesthetic. Pair your candle with a set of matches to complete the look! 
Holiday Dining Table Decor
Soy Candles for the Holidays
Amber Holiday Soy Candles           Amber Safety Matches
Amber Candles          Safety Matches 
Christmas Black Stoneware Soy Candles
3. Create festive moments throughout the heart of your home
The holidays come once a year, don't be afraid to add a few festive touches throughout the home! We love to use our hand towels to add a holiday flair to the kitchen. Don't forget to enjoy your cup of coffee or hot chocolate in a holiday mug to keep the cheer going throughout the season!
Holiday Kitchen Sink Styling
Holiday Kitchen Styling
     Hand Towels             Holiday Coffee Mugs    
Hand Towels              Coffee Mugs
Hand Soap Stoneware Dispenser
We can't wait to see your homes decorated for the holidays! Be sure to tag @sweetwaterdecor on Instagram for your chance to be featured!

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