Burn brighter (and safer) with clean burning candles

When it comes to burning your favorite candles, mindful consumers know it's essential to prioritize your health while elevating your ambiance. Our customers have helped us to sell 2 million candles that burn safely in their homes. Even with this incredible amount of candles sold, we are still a small business striving to educate consumers that not all candles are made equal. Let's explore why investing in clean burning candles is a choice that not only benefits your environment but also your overall well-being. 


In recent times, there has been a surge in the popularity of clean burning candles, which come with a slightly increased price tag. While you might wonder why these candles cost more, the reasons are more than wax deep.


1. Quality Ingredients for a Safer Burn
Sweet Water Decor's candles are made in the USA and crafted using premium quality ingredients. Our candles use a natural soy wax blend, which burns cleanly, producing minimal soot and cleaner, quality fragrances. The purity of the ingredients ensures a safer and healthier burn as opposed to other candles that may be blended with a heavy level of paraffin and toxic fillers.


Hand poured candles
2. Handcrafted Expertise
As a small business, we have the luxury of being hands-on with every decision, no matter how small. Our candles are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail as our team prioritizes quality over mass production. Before leaving our warehouse, each candle is carefully examined down to the position of the wick. This level of care ensures consistent burning and a longer-lasting candle.
Hand crafted candles quality checked
3. Purer Fragrance Experience
The fragrance is an integral aspect of candles, transforming your space with delightful scents. We use high-quality essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances. These scents are carefully chosen to provide a more authentic and nuanced fragrance experience. Investing in premium aromas enhances your sensory experience while being healthier than alternatives that may have additives like coloring and more.
Quality checking candles
4. Longer Burn Time
As a bonus, clean-burning candles often boast longer burn times than their conventional counterparts. Our largest 15 oz sized candle boasts 70+ hours of burn time! This is due to the higher quality waxes and optimized wick sizes used in their creation. While the upfront cost might be higher, these candles last significantly longer, offering more hours of enjoyment. This longevity ultimately contributes to better value for your money.
Clean burning candles

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