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You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be

Girl, I hear you. 

"Why did he dump me?" "Why didn't I get that job?" "Why am I not married yet?" "Why haven't we gotten pregnant yet?"

All those questions, I wondered myself at one time.  But looking back, a little wiser, and a little older, if some of those things happened before their time, I wouldn't be where I am today and I would miss all the good things the Lord had in store for me.  

Did you ever hear the song with the lyrics "thank God for unanswered prayers"?  

Let me tell you, you are EXACTLY where you need to be.  

And here's the thing. If my manager would have let me apply to get the Associate Buyer job at Dick's Sporting Goods, I wouldn't have thought to leave to go to FedEx as a Financial Analyst... which wouldn't have led to me needing a creative outlet, which means Sweet Water Decor may have never happened!  And what about the marriage and dumping ones?  Well, if I ended up with one of the guys I dated, I wouldn't have been with Chris, and now we have 2 beautiful little ones together.  I had to be single at just the right time to get on (guilty!) to try to find my someday husband, and if I was still with those (ahem, losers) before him, I wouldn't have gotten that message from Chris.  And the pregnant question?  If we got pregnant earlier or later than what we did, we wouldn't have had Jackson and Kenleigh.  And, they bring us so much joy and we would have completely different little ones, and we're so thankful for them!

These are just a few examples from my life - but girl, (and guys out there!), you are exactly where you need to be.  And enjoy this season you are in!  Maybe you're single and wishing you were married and had kids.  I was there, and somedays when I have spit-up all over me and both kids crying at me, I'm like hmm... these were the days I dreamed about when I was bored, single, in my apartment, watching to my HGTV.  And I bathe in the moment that I wished for so much!

So, don't give up, and relax... just know God is working behind the scenes, so don't worry about a thing and live in the season of life you are in and enjoy it!  It flies by so fast.  And know, no matter if you didn't get that job or if you didn't get pregnant yet, it's all meant to be.  TRUST me and TRUST in Him!  God knows best!

xo - Melissa

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