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Tips to Stay Organized + Motivated this New Year

tips to stay organized + motivated this new year

There's something about the new year-- it brings a sense of renewal. A chance to start over! There's also a feeling to declutter and start the new year on a more organized note.

And then the resolutions. Oh the resolutions! The resolution to be more present, lose a few pounds, stay motivated at work, travel, or run that race you've always wanted. Whatever your resolution may be, keep these tips in mind if you're hoping to start the new year a little more organized and motivated.

1. Declutter with lists and do it gradually.

I don't know about you, but I get all pumped up around the new year to clean out every closet, junk drawer, and donate/rotate my kiddos' toys. But by about mid-January, I've lost all motivation to continue on.

To keep yourself on task, I recommend listing out all of the areas of your home you'd like to declutter and then add the areas to individual days of a calendar for a few months. I like to have 1-3 areas to declutter per week and having them on my calendar keeps me motivated because the time is "scheduled." To me, it's been manageable to tackle at least one area per week. This method is great for people who like to check items off their to-do lists!

Speaking of to-do lists, staying organized will be more fun if you're stylish while doing it! Check out this brand new notebook from SWD. The gold bow is too cute!

Black Notebook with Gold Bow

2. A little meal planning can go a long way.

Maybe you're trying to save a little money, or use up one of those 10+ boxes of pasta you have sitting in your pantry that will expire soon. Assess what you already have, and make a list for 3-4 dinners per week, 5 days of lunches (if you pack your lunch), and grab and go breakfasts if your mornings are crazy. I meal plan on Saturdays and shop on Sundays, but you can do whatever works best for your schedule.

I like to plan for 3-4 meals, as we usually end up going out at least one dinner per week and we don't mind having leftovers 1-2 times as well. I also like to incorporate a vegetarian meal for at least one dinner. The money savings are great and we usually don't miss the meat when our dinners include a veggie-packed stir fry or pasta dish. There's a black bean-based pasta I've found at Aldi that is protein-packed and gluten free!

And don't forget that meal planning is much more fun when you use this gold diamond top pen to do it! 

 Gold Diamond Top Pen

3. Stay motivated + positive with reminders to be your best self!

Hanging in my office are fun, motivational phrases that remind me to work hard and stay focused. I will say that having two cuties waiting for me when I'm done working (well, three cuties if you count my husband - ha!) are great motivation, too! 

Check out these great prints from SWD! Here are a few of my faves:

Do What You Love Print

Do What You Love Print

Work Hard Motivation Print

Work Hard Motivation Print

 How will you stay organized + motivated in the new year? Tell us in the comments below!





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