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Stocking Stuffers!


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Christmas is coming up fast guys!  We're here to help you pick the perfect gift!  Let's start first with one of our favorites... stocking stuffers!

A stocking stuffer is really anything that fits in a stocking.  And boy, do we have that covered!  Our pencils are perfect for that go-getter in your life.  Each one of our pencils has a fun motivational saying on them.

Next, we have our motivational and boss lady pens and pen sets.  All of our pens write in the prettiest blue ink and have a fun saying on them.  Perfect for jotting down notes and ideas, grocery lists, and for making work meetings a little less boring!  Don't do any of those things?  Well, let's just say they make a cute addition for your Instagram photos!

Boss Lady and Girl Boss Motivational Pens and Pencils Gift Guide Stocking Stuffer

Our makeup bags are up next.  Love those large Urban Decay eyeshadow pallets?  Okay, if you don't you need to pick one up fast because they're pretty much the best.  But!  They all are large enough fit those - without being too big!  Grab one for makeup and another for toiletries.   Your bestie will thank you!

Makeup bags Christmas Present Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide Bestie

Shop all of our stocking stuffers below!




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