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Slow Down

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Slow down... That's what my dad would tell me when I was growing up.  Whether it was when I was eating, running around the yard with my brother, or telling him a story of how excited I was for something.

All too often in life we rush through things.  We try to pack as much as we can in the day and we don't make time for ourselves, our families, our friends.

Before you know it, five years have passed and your kids are getting older.  You didn't take as many bubble baths as you wanted, you had an urge to apply to a new job but were scared you wouldn't get an interview, you wanted to go to Ireland so bad and never booked the trip... the list goes on and on.

So I tell you, slooowww dowwwnnn.  Take time for yourself.  Listen to those urges in your heart and your soul and DO THEM TODAY!  Don't want for tomorrow.  Stay in bed 5 minutes longer and snuggle up to your husband.  Take that day off and play with your kids.  Book that trip that you've always wanted to go on, even if that means reaching a little deeper into your savings.  

Slow down + take time for YOU!

One of the things you can do first to slow down and breathe is take a nice bath or shower.  I love using our candles to help me slow down and relax...  I light 2 or even 3, turn down the lights, put on Pandora Spa music, and add some bubbles to a bath and RELAX...

If work or something negative pops into your mind, let it GO.  Do not entertain it, just focus on you!

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 Be in the moment, and don't rush it.  Don't be eagar for what's next, but enjoy each day and moment as it passes.


Here are some of my favorite gift-able items to help you (and your family + friends) wind down + relax!  A book to motivate you, a little bath bomb to make your skin soft, our lavender candle to relax you, and finish your bath with some lavender lotion (my fav!).


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