Today is definitely about L-O-V-E and while we are probably showering our S/O today with all of the chocolate, wine and heart-shaped gifts, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that YOU could probably use a little self-love today too. It's so great that we do so many thoughtful things for those that we love but before we can love others, we need to love ourselves as well. You know when you're in an airplane and they give the safety demonstration before take-off? They say to "put your oxygen mask on before helping others". Why do you think that is? Because you can't take care of others to the best of your ability if you, yourself, are not taken care of. 

Self-care is SO important. Whether it's one night every week where you take a bubble bath after putting the kids to bed, waking up early to get a workout in before starting your day or treating yourself to your favorite coffee, find those small things in life that "spark joy" and make sure you are putting them into your routine. It's okay if you don't know what self-care is best for you yet! I have a list of ideas below. Maybe one will speak to you! 

Read a good book. Some time away from the blue light of your computer or phone screen could really do some good. Grab your favorite book, curl up with a blanket and enjoy the quiet when you can. Some of our favorite motivational books are, You Are A Badass, Girl Stop Apologizing, #Girlboss, Leave Your Mark and Girl Wash Your Face.

Treat yourself to a spa day. If you have the extra money, go ahead and splurge on a massage or facial but if not, an at-home spa can totally do the trick. Run yourself a bath, don't forget the bath-bomb, bring out the face mask or body scrub you picked up at Target that one time, turn on a relaxing playlist and light your favorite spa candle

Enjoy a nice cup of coffee. One of my favorite parts of my day is right when I wake up. I get out of bed, pick out a coffee mug, make myself an espresso and I just sit on my couch, While I sip, I pray, plan my day and dive into my emails. It's 30 minutes of time to myself and I treasure that every single morning.

Go for a walk. Sometimes you just need some fresh air. Whether you drive to a park or just walk around your neighborhood, get outside and get moving. It's so important to clear your head. You might even think up some great new ideas or solve a problem you've been stressed over!

Go to a yoga class. Yoga is a great de-stresser and can be very relaxing. Head on over to your nearest studio, or follow along with a video at home, and stretch for 30 minutes to an hour. Don't forget your water!

Make a list. What are 10 things you love about yourself? Write them down, hang them on your bathroom mirror, read them every single morning and don't ever forget them. It can become so easy to focus on our flaws but you are perfect because everything that makes up you, is Y-O-U, wonderfully, beautifully you. 

What self-care will try this week?!


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