Perhaps This Is The Moment For Which You Have Been Created

perhaps this is the moment esther 4:14 scripture hand lettered quote

 A calling, sometimes that’s what it is - a little whisper in your ear a little nudge in your heart.  Whatever it is and whenever it happens, remember you are being called to do something greater.  It may not be today, or tomorrow.  It may not even be 2 years down the road.  In time, God reveals to you his plans for you and step by step, you look back and it has already happened.

So many are scared of that step, of taking that leap of faith.  They know the nudge but won’t answer it’s call.  They’re too young or too old, or have too much on their plate.  They have too many other hours spent doing other things.  

But the answer is...

To listen + obey.  You are called to be doing your calling for a greater purpose than you can see.  We aren’t supposed to know all the whys but to just TRUST.

Trust is a hard thing to do when you have all the negativity in your ear telling you all the reason why you shouldn’t. 

But, answer back for all the reasons why you should! 

It may be a calling to help others, or to start a family or a business, or to simply put in your resume for that job that is out of reach.  Maybe it’s to talk to that guy in your Calculus class. 

Listen + obey.  You never know the amazing things in store and you’ll never have to look back and say... what if?

One of the best bible studies I did was Discerning The Voice Of God (link below).  It helped me to know his callings for me and all I had to do was obey...

Here are some of my favorite books to dive deeper in learning YOU:


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