Keep Going

keep going inspirational quote motivational quote jeremiah 29:11 psalm 46:10

Keep going... those are the words I kept saying to my son Jackson, over and over again as he climbed the stairs to go up to his room.  My little 1 year old guy sometimes would stop, look around and see dad below.  Wanting him to stay the course and not fall, I kept repeating, keep going... and he'd keep climbing, determined to get to the top.  That's when a little light bulb came on as this post was pre-written in my mind.

Keep going. 

Last month, I hit a huge place of change at SWD.  I wasn't sure how the changes would turn out.  I turned on music full blast as I'd drive and try to get myself refocused.  Nothing stays the same.  Our plans we have are just ideas for our lives.  The Lord has better plans.

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When you get in a spot in your life that you just don't know how things will turn out just be still. "Be still and know that I am God" - Psalm 46:10


I called upon this verse a lot these past few weeks.  It truly speaks to the season I'm in now, and I hope it can help you too. You can't run a marathon without training... well... I actually ran a half marathon and only ever ran 6 miles before in my life, but somehow your body pushes through (thanks Carol for running it with me by my side!) ... that's another story for another day.  But even without those 6 miles of training I wouldn't have been able to go the 13.1.  You have to keep pushing through.  When we have hardships in our lives don't falter of course, we have to have motivation + inspiration in our back pockets to stay the path or we will fall.  You must keep going and not get so down.  Call upon the scripture you know - like Jeremiah 29:11 + Psalm 46:10.  If you forget that there's a bigger picture out there for you, you'll crumble and fall.  So, keep going!  See what's in store for you.  Sometimes it's even best not to have these grandiose plans, and just be surprised by the blessings that come into your life!


I hope these words can help you and please share them with someone that needs to hear them too.  That's what we're all about here at SWD.  I created this brand to be motivational and here for you!  I hope our products do that for you each day.  If you have a business that is stuck, reach out.  Or maybe you have a calling to quit the corporate world like I did and need some help.  Recently, I've have been called to do business coaching for small businesses and am so honored to be helping my clients reach their business's dreams.  Many want to quit their jobs to run their business's full time, and I want to help get them there!  If that sounds like you sign up for a chat! (I don't bite, I promise!)


So keep going, no matter the season you're in, keep going!  





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