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If You Live For Friday Rethink Your Life

It's 4:30pm on a Friday, you've just about given up working and are talking with your co-workers about your weekend plans.  Once the clock strikes 5 you are out of there like a hawk!

I was there.  I bet you've been there too.  Or, maybe you're still there.  

If you live for Friday, you need to rethink your life.  You're living for the weekend and can't wait for it to get here, you're waisting your life away.  Once Sunday hits, if you dread going to work on Monday, you're not where you should be.  It's time to rethink your life.

Let's get down to some facts here.  You work most of your life, other than sleeping.  You should enjoy your work.  I know I hear you, but Melissa, I have to work to live.  Yeah, me too!  But, here's the difference.  If you can't wait to get done with the work week so you can finally be happy... let's just stop right there.

It's time to make a change.  We are all called to do something in life.  If you work for the weekend, you're wishing your life away.  Let me say that again, you are wishing your life away.  You need to be in a job where you can enjoy life.  Maybe that means taking a lesser paying job that is more satisfying to you so you can be happy in life.  Life is short.  Money doesn't buy happiness.  Many times it leads to depression and unhappiness.  And in that case, if you're waiting for the weekend so you don't have to work so much, start listening to yourself and what YOU need.  Now, we all have to work unless you're independently wealthy, which, hey, happens right?  But for the majority of us, work is necessary and shouldn't be painful.  If it is painful or unsatisfying or making yourself miserable, you're in someone else's job.

You need to find work that satisfies YOU!  For me, I found it wasn't in the corporate world, because I was that person that gave it all from 8-5...6pm but never felt completely happy.  Now, in my early years at corporate I loved it all, but once I got a bad boss it left me really unhappy.  So, I pivoted.  I went to another corporate position and enjoyed it but still felt like I was missing something.  It was then when I started my side hustle at night, starting Sweet Water Decor in 2014.  I felt more alive and couldn't wait for 5 so I could go home and work on something I TRULY loved and made me feel alive!  That side hustle became my full time 8 months later.  And guess what, you can be your own boss too, that is... if that's your calling and you put your heart and soul into it.  

So you're unhappy and either 1. you're like hey, I'd like to work for myself too! Or, 2. you're like hey Melissa um... yeah I need to work for a company and I'm unhappy in my job.

So!  Here's my thoughts:

1. If you'd like to work for yourself - start small - start something on the side, while you still have your full time.  Think about what makes you tick and excited to do and do some brain storming!  If you need some help - let's chat about it!  But remember, if you work for yourself, make sure your business is your own, not a duplicate of another's.  Let's not steel their dreams, they're not yours.  No one needs a Target and a Fake Target right?  But a Target and a HomeGoods, right on! 

2. If you want to work for a company - think about your strengths and what you get excited doing!  And it's OK if what you like doing or what you're being called to do is less pay - you may need to take a cut to be happier, but you can't buy happiness.  It's worth being happy over being miserable, am I right? Your job is most of your life - you should do it for the love of it, to love your life, not for the money of it.  Again, money doesn't equal happiness.

Remember those relationships you have been in before, the ones where you are completely miserable but you just don't want to break up with that person?  Yeah, that can happen in your job too.  But looking back now, aren't you so much happier you aren't with that person anymore?  Yeah, that'll happen with your job too!  Pinky promise.

And, just because you got a degree in something doesn't mean you have to do that job.  If that was the case, I'd be a Financial Advisor or still a Financial Analyst.  So, it's OK to do something that's not your degree, I promise, it's going to be okay!

Chris sent me this video from Gary Vee and it sparked me to write this blog post to you in my own thoughts and words.  Give it a watch too!  

And remember, you got this!



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