How To Stay Motivated To Avoid Winter Blues

Let's face it, winter isn't really our favorite time of the year! While snow is pretty, we'd much rather be enjoying the sunshine and sitting by the pool. But what we do love about the cold is snuggling up with our loved ones, drinking our favorite hot cocoa, and binge watching all the shows on Netflix!

Here are a few simple ways to get over the winter blues and stay motivated!

1. Add fresh blooms to your workspace

We love all flowers, but especially fluffy peonies! Adding life to your workspace can provide encouragement, joy, and a reason to breathe slowly while you hustle!

2. Make plans that take you out of the house

The worst part about winter (other than the frigid temps!) is how early the sun goes down! When it gets darker outside, I instantly want to go to sleep or just sit on the couch (Netflix, y'all). But making plans that take me out of the house encourages me to still live life fully even if I can't be outside enjoying nice weather! Go to the gym after work, read a book in a coffee shop, meet up with your girlfriends! 

3. Write down one thing you are thankful for everyday

Instead of focusing on the cold and snow, use one of our new pens from our Motivational Set to write down what you are thankful for! This practice is simple, yet eye-opening. We all have so much to be grateful for every day. 

For example: Today I am thankful for a productive day and the sunshine streaming through my windows!

Stay warm, lovelies!



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