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Hey, there! This is my first ever blog post for SWD so I'd like to take a quick second before I dive into today's post to say HELLO! My name is Stephanie and I am the newest team member here at Sweet Water Decor! I started back in November as the Marketing Coordinator and I am absolutely loving my job. I am the face behind our Social Media posts and Email newsletters! So nice to officially "meet" you!  

Our Owner + Designer, Melissa, loves to share motivation and positivity with you through our Motivational Monday blog posts so definitely be sure to read those every Monday for a little push to help get you through your week! Through my posts, I'll be sharing lots of tips and tricks to help you get organized and feel inspired throughout the entire year! So let's get started!

Do you feel more productive when you have a clean work space? I think we can all answer this one with a big YES. I am all about loving the environment that I live and work in and having a clean space helps me clear my head, get tasks done quicker and most importantly, LOVE the work that I am doing. Here are some tips on how you can keep your office/work space organized to keep inspiration flowing all year long!


A clean desk is a happy desk. Start by removing everything and only putting back what you definitely need or want to keep. Toss those old papers that you no longer need, the pens that are out of ink and the old folders and accessories that you've probably had since the 6th grade. (Shoutout to Lisa Frank!) You know the KonMari method everyone is obsessed with lately? Yeah, Marie Kondo knows what she's talking about!


What's on your desk is actually so important and not just from a design standpoint. A few good accessories can actually help you stay super organized and motivated. Here are a few of my favorites:

You don't need a drawer full of pens. A chic pencil holder to hold a handful of your favorite SWD pens and a cute pair of scissors is really all that you need. 





Personally, I love to have one of my favorite candles burning while I'm working away. The cozy ambience and pleasant aroma really helps keep me motivated throughout the day! Have you gotten a chance to check out not only our new scents but our new jars yet? Choose both a scent and a jar that will compliment your style! 

Okay, let's talk about what's really important to have on your desk; a beverage of course! Whether you're drinking coffee, tea or a diet coke and just want to be a little fancy, you have got to have your favorite drink by your side throughout the day and a motivational mug is a must! I work from home so one of our gold coffee mugs are perfect for me but a travel mug would be great to grab before you head out to the office! They will definitely give you that boost of motivation every time you go to take a sip!

The last thing that's on my desk besides my computer is my planner. I am definitely old school when it comes to my calendar. I just love being able to actually flip through the pages and check off my to-do's. I have been using a planner every single year since I was in college (we won't talk about how long ago I graduated lol) and this is actually my first year using Melissa's layout and GUYS, I'm not just saying this because I work here....she's a genius. Not only are her designs super cute, the function and simplicity is amazing. It's the perfect size to fit in my bag and doesn't take up much room on my desk but it is still filled with all of the pages you'd really need. I am able to stay incredibly organized and productive and never miss a deadline. Thanks, Mel! - New Academic Planners Coming Soon! -


Now that your desk is cleared off and simplified, you're probably wondering what to do with all of the little things that are left over such as paper clips, staples, a tape dispenser, post-it's, etc. This is why desks with drawers are SO handy. I like to keep all of these things out of the way and out of sight but still readily accessible for when I need them. By using dividers, you can still keep your drawers tidy and organized! 

Another great tip if you do use paper clips or push pins regularly would be to easily store them in a jewelry dish on your desk! 


Here at SWD, we love to motivate and inspire our customer's throughout all of our products. So whether you drink out of our She Believed She Could So She Did Coffee Mug, write with our Hustle, Darling Pen, keep your supplies in our Be The Girl Who Decided To Go For It Bag, or look up at one of our many Motivational Prints above your desk, we know you'll be inspired to do great things and be the ultimate girl boss that we know you are!!

Here's to an amazing 2019! May we all work hard, stay organized and continue to motivate and inspire each and everyone around us! 

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