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Weekend coffee is the best! There’s no rushing to get ready for work, it’s just a simple small thing that I look forward to all week! We get to sit on our porch in our rocking chairs and just take our time drinking it while relaxing. 

When we were building I knew that I had to have a designated space for my coffee bar that wasn’t on my kitchen counters. We added this buffet in our dining room for the coffee bar and it’s perfect spot and one of my favorite spaces in our home! I wanted it to feel like a real coffee shop. We love having guests so I wanted everything easily accessible and organized. I knew it had to have drawers for the K-cups To-Go cups and all coffee/drink related items. This organized drawer makes my OCD heart happy!



I wanted to keep this space minimal looking but couldn’t find any syrup bottles that were neutral so I DIY’d my own! I bought the Torani Syrup Bottles from World Market and soaked them in hot water for 30 minutes. The labels came off so easily by just using my fingernails going in an upward motion. I was so excited that there was no sticky residue! Next I dried them and added my labels from an Etsy shop then disposed of the lids that came with the bottles and added these pumps from Amazon. I love how they turned out and look on my coffee bar!

Some of my other favorite things on my coffee bar are my Fresh Coffee Candle from Sweet Water Decor, it smells just like a cup of coffee and I love it how it looks on here! Next is my favorite Coffee Mug from Sweet Water Decor, it’s the perfect size and has one of my favorite quotes on it and I love that it’s double sided!

The perfect cup of coffee for me is to add a little (or a lot) of this Sweet Cream creamer and a pump of sugar free vanilla!


Post by: Michelle of @thecozyfarmhouse

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  • Cheri

    Love your coffee spot! 😍 I’ve been debating on doing a hutch for my coffee also, but we have a tiny eat-in kitchen. I would love to see your hutch in its entirety and where it is located. Mine would need to be right next to our table and chairs, so I would need to find a hutch that is not deep. Take care and I’ll be following 👏🏻

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