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Getting in the Holiday Spirit! (Plus new Travel Mugs!)


Now that Halloween is over, Katelynn (our Operations Manager) and myself (Melissa - Owner, Designer) have been talking about getting in the holiday mode as Christmas is just 50 days away!  Do we decorate with pumpkins still?  Whatever happened to holiday starting after Thanksgiving?  Is it OK to put up Christmas decorations?

but first coffee campfire coffee mug holiday mug

Now that it's getting colder out, we both agree - it's time to break out the leggings, fall boots, warm clothes, and curl up with a good mug!  (And good thing we have plenty!)

Speaking of the holidays, we're excited to launch our new travel mugs today that are perfect to be by your side as you shop for the holidays!  

Check out our 3 new styles:


Boss Lady

gold boss lady black travel mug


Hustle, Darling

hustle darling girl boss lady travel tumbler


Coffee First, Then All The Things

coffee first, then all the things black travel tumbler coffee mug

They're a little different from the travel mugs we have in the shop already:  

♥ They're 16oz
♥ Have A Black Push On Swivel Lid
♥ Design on Front, Logo on Back
♥ Stainless Steel Exterior + Inner Plastic Liner
♥ Hand Wash in Lukewarm Water - Do Not Microwave
Which style is your favorite?  Comment below!



We're gearing up for the holidays here at Sweet Water Decor and have so many great things in store!  To keep up with the latest, sign up for our newsletter here (plus you get 20% off your first purchase - score!)

How about you?  Are you decorating yet for Christmas are keeping the pumpkins up until Thanksgiving?  





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