Get The Coffee Brewing... Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

It all starts with turning on the faucet, you fill up your coffee pot.  You wait for it to brew, and alas, that first sip.  Golden brown goodness that makes you say, "The Day Has Begun"!

That's how I felt when I got done designing our Spring / Summer Collection for 2017.  I dug deep back down to my roots.  Before the days of Pinterest, as a young girl in high school I used to write down motivational quotes in a cute little notebook I got at Pier1 (I used to spend hours in the stationery section of any store, ladies... - it's just how I am!).  I'd pull those out when a friend was down or when a breakup would happen.  Those kept me going.  That's what SWD is all about, creating motivation for YOU and your friends and family each day.  When you take that first sip of coffee in the morning and see Boss Lady on your coffee mug, you can see it and KNOW you ARE a Boss Lady!  I wanted to be there with you each morning, cheering you on, so all of our new designs and all going forward are personally hand written or hand drawn by yours truly.  No more using fonts to create products.  We are unique.  We are SWD.  We are chic and motivational.  The gold handles and designs are real gold too, we won't skimp on you and just use gold foil, it's the real deal baby (so just don't microwave it and put it in the dishwasher, OK?).

I expanded and brought back our print art collection.  I made it so it's fun to create gallery walls filled with inspirational sayings as well as chic hand drawn images.  We even have collections curated just for you!  We'll help you make your walls look great, girl!  And guess what, they're no longer digital downloads!


We're all about travel mugs.  It's one of our favorite products at SWD, so why not add a gold top to top them off?  It just makes your morning and car rides a little more fun, don'tcha think?

I don't know about you but when I take my jewelry off at the end of they day I never put it back in my jewelry box (wait, do I even have one?).  It's always left on the sink in my bathroom.  To fix that problem?  I designed chic jewelry dishes.  Bam, problem solved!  I hope you love them too!  And don't just use them for jewelry, throw some cute push pins or your keys or even paper clips in them.  Dress up your cube at work!  You're there all day anyway, might as well make it cute!   Add a print art or two to motivate you throughout the day too!

Greeting cards.  Okay guys when I shop for greeting cards, I look for the pretty ones and usually pick those.  This was one of the funnest (is that a word? It didn't show up red so it must be) things I designed for this Spring and Summer (plus many more on the way too!).  I wanted to create chic, motivational, and fun cards for every occasion, all hand written or drawn too.  They're not sassy, mean, or funny - they're pretty and fun!, and we like that here at SWD.  

You'll see lots of gold and pink (our signature colors!) for the new collection.  Don't worry, I have lots more fun items coming this fall too - always working, always making sure you're taken care of with lots of motivational and chic products - whether they're for your boutique or for your home, I've got you girl!  With my lovely team beside me, we're always there for YOU!

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