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Focus On The Good

We've all had those days... the ones that everything seems to go wrong, at the same time.  We wake up past our alarm, step in a huge puddle, walk in late to a meeting... dinner gets burnt, you have a fight with your significant other, the kids are all screaming at you at once, and you just can't seem to get things right.

I'm getting anxious just typing those out!  But, here's the thing.  We've ALL been there, you're not alone!  It's only a season or a day or a minute - it will pass.

Maybe you got behind a slow car and will be late but what if you left a moment earlier, maybe you would have gotten into an accident and that slow car infront of you is the reason you didn't.  Everything is happening for a reason.  

In those moments when nothing is seeming to go right - find something good to focus on.  That thing or moment happening in your life doesn't define you.  It doesn't make or break you.  Remember that.

You'll look back on the hard times and may even be grateful for that season.

When you're there, find something positive about the situation.  Maybe it'll bring you and your spouse closer together.  And the kids screaming?  They're only young once.  Someday they'll be older and you wish you had little screamers pulling on your hair and making messes in your future clean home.

Maybe you stepped in a huge puddle and ruined your shoes - but guess what, when you walk into the store to replace those shoes maybe you'll find ones you love even better.

Think positive during hard situations and find some good.

Maybe it's time for an adult time out - light a candle and draw a bath with the lights out or even a shower.  Just relax.  It'll pass and it will be OK.  Fill your mind with positive vibes (ever hear that saying what you think about you attract?).  If you fill your mind with good things, that's what you will attract.  Turn the negative situations around and start living your best life now.

And remember, you got this!



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