Do It For You Motivational Quote

do it for you motivational quote sweet water decor inspirational quotes


Did you ever join something just because your friends did?  Or maybe you grew up with parents that expected a lot of you - good grades, best athlete... or maybe you end up trying real hard to impress that guy / gal to go out with you or be your friend.

Here's the thing... make the choice for yourself to be yourself.  Let me say that again.  Make the choice for yourself to be yourself.  Do things for YOU and no one else.  Don't do things or be something else to please someone.  Do things for you.

Make the choice for yourself to do things for yourself.  Maybe it's not even all of that above but maybe you feel run down and work too hard or mom too hard or friend too hard or wife too hard... and you need a break.  No matter what we have going on throughout the day we need a break, and some me time.

Make a list in your Sweet Water Decor planner of things to do for yourself this week.  Then do the same next week - plan it out on Friday, and have something to look forward to!  Maybe it's watching the Bachelor (guilty here!), or taking 15 mins out of your day to paint your nails... or grabbing that bath bomb at the store and making time for yourself to take a nice, long, well-deserved, bath.  

We all need a little self-love sometimes and we need to do things for ourselves.  I mean, who else will take care of us then?  We can get caught up taking care of our families, work, and friends and let ourselves take a back seat.  Call shot gun to your own life, and heck, slide on over to the drivers seat, and do it for YOU!

 And remember, you got this!



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