Creating A Gallery Wall of Prints

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what prints would be best for your space.  Mixing and matching, it gets tough, so we did it for you!  Below are some fun examples to help you make a fun gallery wall!  Click on each to view the prints included! 

For the chic office to the boss lady den, we've got you covered.  Each print is hand drawn or hand written by myself, to brighten your day and add some chic fun to your space!

Most of my works are black and white - making it easy to add to your decor, no matter what colors are in your home, office, and more! 

We recommend using fun gold or white frames to accent your new art!  Mix and match, and have fun with it!

When creating a gallery wall in your office - remember to keep the photos balanced - not too many on one side or the other.  They don't have to be symmetrical, but mixing small and large frames adds a lot of fun and interest to any space.

Check out all of our chic and motivational prints in the shop, here!

If you're adding prints around your desk - have fun with it!  Add motivational quotes and art, and even your favorite photos.  As the days get tough, take a look up, and know girl, you've got this!  Tag us on Instagram @sweetwaterdecor showing off your gallery wall.

You'll need a chic frame to go along with your new prints.

Here are some of our favorite frames we'd recommend for your space:

Signature Gold Frame (like the ones we use!)

Gold Laced Frame

Standard White Frame

White Vintage Frame

Have fun creating an amazing, motivational space!

xo -


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