Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

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I think this world of social media and online has allowed us to be hard on ourselves.  We compare ourselves to the next mom, business, girl on social media and think, wow, they have it going on!  When in reality, we're all pretty much the same.  Maybe she just has an awesome photographer to take amazing photos or maybe that mom set up that beautiful kraft station and her kids really didn't want to do that kraft she set up.  We're all going on this journey around this globe together.  Don't for a minute think anyone in this world is any better than YOU.


Keep going. 

When you stop and look around at other's successes around you, you don't stay on course.  You have to keep climbing, keep reaching for YOUR dreams, not hers not theirs, YOURS.  Put your blinders on and reach deep into your heart.  Do some soul searching for what is most important to you in life.  When you hit a place in your career that you're stuck - just keep listing to those cues in your heart.  Maybe it's to take you to a new job or to go for that promotion.  Listing to those cues and act upon them.


Be you. 

You have so much to offer in this world.  I'm a huge believer that if everyone did their heart's calling and what they're best at we'd all be much happier and more productive.  YOU are great at so many things.  Instead of comparing yourself to the HERs or HIMs out there... jot down a few things you are good at!  Maybe you haven't found your hidden talent yet!  Take chances, try new things, find out what speaks best to your heart.  And be that.  And help others with your calling - maybe that's starting a new career or helping a neighbor.  Use your gifts for the greater good!  Someone out there is looking up to you for the gifts you have and you don't even know it.  So don't compare yourself to HER.  Show the world what you have to offer to make this world a better place!


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