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Bridal Survival Kits

One of the most important days in a girl's life is her wedding day! If you are a bridesmaid and want to help out your friend that is a bride-to-be, then the best way you can help her is by preparing her a bridal survival kit! She will have everything that she needs in one place to survive her special day. Here is a list of items that she will need in her kit. 

What to include in a bridal survival kit

  • Advil/Tylenol/Tums | The stressfulness and excitement leading up to the wedding day can result in the bride not feeling so well on the actual day so it is important to be prepared as you don't want her to feel sick on her day!
  • Eye Drops/Contact Lenses/Solution | If the bride is crying happy tears, then you want to have eye drops on hand to keep her from having red eyes! An extra set of contact lenses and solution is always important to have if she is a bride that wears contacts. 
  • Tissues | These are always important to have on hand any time crying may be involved or for touching up makeup!
  • Q-tips/Makeup Remover/Extra Makeup | The day of the wedding is a long day so you will want to make sure the bride can touch up her makeup (especially lipstick) if needed!
  • Hairspray/Comb/Bobby Pins | You can never predict how long a hairstyle will hold so the bride will need to be prepared in the event her hair will need to be fixed during the wedding. 
  • Perfume/Deodorant/Personal Hygiene Products | The bride will want to to freshen up throughout the day so these items are always good to have on hand.
  • Mini First Aid Kit | This could come in handy if the bride needs band-aids for her feet when wearing uncomfortable high heels!
  • Sewing Kit/Super Glue | You always want to be prepared to come to the rescue in the event that the bride rips her dress or even anyone else in the bridal party!
  • Shout Wipes | These are necessary especially when wearing a white dress!
  • Snacks/Water | The last thing on the bride's mind is food so as her bridesmaid you will want to make sure that she has something to snack on during the day as it will be a long wait until it's time for her to eat dinner! Make sure she drinks plenty of water throughout the day as well!

Sweet Water Decor Makeup Bags

Once the bridal survival kit is given to the bride-to-be she will feel less stressed knowing that she has everything she needs in case any bridal crisis occurs! Any makeup bags from our collection would fit everything needed for the bridal survival kit and the bride-to-be can use it as a makeup bag after the wedding!

Fill the bridal survival kit with these Amazon finds!

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