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Boss Lady Of The Week - Meet Stacy!


Our next Boss Lady Of The Week is here! We are featuring boss ladies in all stages of life who are inspirational and making a difference!
Meet Stacy!
What is your job / career / #momlife? 
National Director of Promotion at a record label in Nashville and also a mom!
What is your website?
What is your business/blog name?
Big Loud Records
What is your business / blog all about?
Record Label
What is your Instagram handle? (Everyone should go follow her and show her some love!)
Tell us about yourself! 
I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to Nashville to finish college and pursue my dream of working in the music industry. 15 years later I am leading a radio promotion team at a successful record label. I also have an incredible husband and a beautiful 10 month old baby girl.

What motivates you each day? 

That's easy... my family!

What helps you balance work and life? 
I have such an amazing partner in my husband. He is the definition of super dad and I wouldn't be able to do it all without him.
What saying do you live by?

Everything happens for a reason - seems cliche but is so true.

Coffee or tea?
What is your dream vacation spot?
Alvito, Italy - where my grandfather grew up.
If you had one day to do whatever you wanted, what would it be? 
Sleep and snuggle with my family.

What are you most excited about for 2018?
Watching our record label continue to push boundaries and succeed as well as watching my baby girl grow every single day.
What is your favorite SWD product?
My #momlife coffee travel mug.
All photographs are used by permission and courtesy of Stacy Blythe.

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