Boss Lady Of The Week - Meet Nikki!

Our next Boss Lady Of The Week is here! We are featuring boss ladies in all stages of life who are inspirational and making a difference!
Meet Nikki!
What is your job / career / #momlife? 
Boutique owner and mama of 2 little ones (3yr and 5mo).
What is your website?
What is your business/blog name?
Thirteen & Market
What is your business / blog all about?
Thirteen & Market is a home decor and lifestyle shop that features modern farmhouse decor as well as a curated collection of handmade goods from makers across the globe.

What is your Instagram handle? (Everyone should go follow her and show her some love!)
Tell us about yourself! 
I have always been a bit of a serial entrepreneur, and caught the bug in 2002 after starting my first company, Sol Chicks Design, LLC. We ended up in the celebrity gift bag market, and our handmade products were owned by everyone from Destiny's Child (yep, THAT long ago) to The Real Housewives. After working 20+ hours a day (including a full time gig in corporate marketing), for years, I decided to take some time off to focus on my family. Got married, moved across the country a couple of times, and had our first son. It was after that, that I knew I needed to get back into my shop. Something was missing. We navigated through some challenging personal times, and after that I knew I needed to focus on getting my business back up and running. When you find your passion, you just need to follow it, and that's how Thirteen & Market was reborn. I relaunched the company under its new name in January, 2016 and left my full time corporate job that following November. Our daughter was born in March of this year, which has given me yet another reason to make sure this business is successful. It's been a crazy, amazing, scary-as-hell ride, but I'm so happy to be on it.

What motivates you each day? 

My motivation has always been internal, and is constantly driving me to work harder and do more. But it's been my family who supports and drives me to keep going, even through the tough times.

What helps you balance work and life? 

We've got our life on a pretty set schedule, thanks to our little ones. Since my husband and I both work from home and are building our businesses, we have some flexibility that others might not. We plan meetings and conference calls around nap schedules, work late into the evenings whenever we need to, take turns with diaper duty, and are thankful for daily daycare for our 3 year old. ;)

What saying do you live by?

We only get better together.

Coffee or tea?


What is your dream vacation spot?
I would love to revisit France–gorgeous architecture, beautiful countryside, and amazing inspiration (...and the shopping, oh, the shopping).

If you had one day to do whatever you wanted, what would it be? 
I would spend the day looking through vintage shops in Louisiana with a good friend who lives there. They have the most amazing furniture and decor, and the people have such interesting stories.

What are you most excited about for 2018?
We are opening our first Brick and Mortar shop this fall and I can not WAIT to get everything in place for the holiday season and then for the New Year. My husband is also starting a new business, so the buildings we purchased will allow us to work in adjoining spaces. I envision our little ones growing up in at the shops and it makes my heart so happy.

What is your favorite SWD product?
Your lashes mugs drew me to your company and our customers LOVE them! I've added so many new products as a result of that one item! (P.S. your new jewelry dishes are GORGEOUS!)
All photographs are used by permission and courtesy of Nikki Rojas.
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