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Boss Lady Of The Week - Meet Lexi!


Our next Boss Lady Of The Week is here! We are featuring boss ladies in all stages of life who are inspirational and making a difference!
Meet Lexi!
What is your job / career / #momlife? 
Online Retail Shop Owner
What is your website?
What is your business/blog name?
Lexi’s Loft
What is your business / blog all about?
I create clothing that inspires, motivates, and makes people laugh!

What is your Instagram handle? (Everyone should go follow her and show her some love!)
Tell us about yourself! 
I am the wife of a dental school student who makes tees for a living and loves it! In my free time I enjoy playing soccer and volleyball, drawing, reading, blogging, exploring, and taking pictures. I’m a west coast gal living in a big east coast city! I take one day at a time and try to go with the flow. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously!

What motivates you each day? 

My husband for sure! He is my rock. He is my motivation. He can make me laugh when I’ve had the worst day ever. He can cheer me up when I’m being down on myself. Husbands are awesome, I highly recommend them! :)

What helps you balance work and life? 

I think because I made my business an extension of myself, it’s easy for the two to blend together. I put a little bit of myself in every design I create and every shirt I make. So I’m invested in more ways than one and it feels natural to do what I do for a living. With working from home comes the difficulty of separately work life and personal life. A few months ago my husband and I had a long talk about me setting a schedule and having a routine for myself so I’m better able to separate the two. Since then I’ve felt a bigger sense of balance in my life. I’m able to workout in the mornings (exercise is key to helping me stay focused all day!) then I work until late afternoon or early evening and when my husband gets home I’m done! And we can enjoy dinner and the evening together. It’s important to remember that self awareness, strength, and mental health come before you can be a boss lady!
What saying do you live by?

“Pray More, Worry Less”

Coffee or tea?

WATER!! And the occasional Vanilla Bean Frap!

What is your dream vacation spot?
I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand! It looks so beautiful and peaceful! I’d love to see the beautiful clear blue water, lay on the beach listening to the waves, and take in the gorgeous green scenery!

If you had one day to do whatever you wanted, what would it be? 
Oh this is an easy one! I’m such a huge Harry Potter fan and have been wanting to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida, but the idea of wasting my day in lines and fighting crowds does not sound appealing. So I’d rent the entire park and have it all to myself for the day! Ok ok, I’d bring my hubby too! :)

What are you most excited about for 2018?
My husband graduating from dental school! And our big move to either Texas or Arizona! Fresh start, warm weather, close to family. Yes please!

What is your favorite SWD product?
Oh so many darling things it’s hard to choose! I love the Boss Lady Travel Mug and the pink “You Got This” Phone Case.
All photographs are used by permission and courtesy of Lexi Jones.

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