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Boss Lady Of The Week - Meet Angie!

Our next Boss Lady Of The Week is here! We are featuring boss ladies in all stages of life who are inspirational and making a difference!
Meet Angie!
What is your job / career / #momlife? 
What is your business / blog name?
Mostly Maple

What is your website?
What is your business / blog all about?
Fashion, Style, Life
What is your Instagram handle? (Everyone should go follow her and show her some love!)
Tell us about yourself! 

I'm a housewife hoping desperately to be a Stay-at-Mom. I have infertility issues, though, so that isn't an easy task. I'm taking a deep-dive at tackling my infertility issues by going to a fertility specialist for the -slightly terrifying- and I keep on keeping on by running my fashion blog, Mostly Maple, where I'm honest about everything that's going on in my life. My blog keeps me busy, and helps fill a void that I can't help feeling by not being a mother... yet. It also reminds me to be me. I have a degree in Fashion Design and going back to my fashion roots has helped me to remain positive and to do something other & think about something other than baby baby baby, and to say to myself "I'm more than just my health problems. I'm Angie, a Fashion Blogger."

What motivates you each day? 
My husband, my friends, and my knowing that the universe has something great in store for me.
What helps you balance work and life? 
Reality TV and bad (good) SciFi Movies.
What saying do you live by?
Nothing is Impossible. The word itself says 'I'm possible."
Coffee or tea?
What is your dream vacation spot?
If you had one day to do whatever you wanted, what would it be? 
Eat Dairy... I'm lactose intolerant!
What are you most excited about for 2018?
Being a mother!
What is your favorite SWD product?

Makeup Bags! I have a slight obsession with cute makeup bags; I can never get enough. And you don't just have to use them for makeup... they make a great clutch.

All photographs are used by permission and courtesy of Angie.
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