Be Strong and Courageous

When I first started Sweet Water Decor, I was washing dishes at my sink and trying to come up with original sayings to have as print art in our shop.  The words: Strong, Beautiful, Brave, and Courageous came to me... I stopped, ran to my computer, and designed a piece.  Threw it on print art and a mug with an arrow (which was big back then), and proudly held it during one of our first photoshoots:

Fast forward 4 years later, I was in Pier1 and saw that saying on one of their artworks.  I didn't know whether to be happy or sad that an original piece was remastered to be sold to many, but here's the thing... 

It's all about the message.  And, in that moment, I needed to live that message I preached.  I had to be strong, keep my head up high, and courageous to even have put it out into the world.  The saying was created as a reminder to tell you all, to live your lives to be strong and courageous.

As I hand lettered this quote I wanted to remind you we're all really just the same.  It doesn't matter the person down the street, the famous actress, or the person you pass by as you walk to get your coffee.  We're all in this together, living, some with harder lives than others, but we all have something we're going through.  Whether it be small or big.  Maybe it lasts for a few moments or even years.  We have to have a reminder to keep going and to be strong.  

But, don't let those moments or what you're going through DEFINE you.  Be courageous, get back out there in life and take it by the horns.  Take chances and do things you wouldn't normally do.  Maybe that's as small as ordering something different off the menu at your favorite restaurant or even going after that promotion.  Maybe it's bringing cookies to an elderly neighbor or smiling at those you pass by on the street.

Remember, we're all going through something, spread some love and be courageous.  Get out of your comfort zone and make another smile.  Be strong in ever circumstance and put your trust in the Lord.  Give Joshua 1:9 a read, which is where this saying originally came from.  Let me know what you think below!

And remember, you got this!


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